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Furniture-An Art!

Rustic Furniture

Furniture-a decorative art refers to movable objects which are used to support several human activities. Activities like seating (sofas, chairs, stools), eating (dining tables and chairs), and sleeping (beds). Furniture is also used for storing things (shelves and cupboards), or to hold objects at a convenient height for work (tables and desks). It can also serve a symbolic or religious purpose.

History Of Furniture-

Since the beginning of human civilization, people have been using natural objects like rocks, moss and tree stamp as furniture. Archaeological studies show that about 30,000 years ago, people started carving and constructing their own furniture. Animal bones, stones, and wood were used to make furniture.

The 1st surviving furniture is the home of Skara Brae in Scotland. This includes beds, dressers, and cupboards all constructed from stone. In the early dynastic period of ancient Egypt, intricate construction techniques like joinery started. The constructed wooden pieces included tables and stools, often decorated with ivory or valuable metals.

The progression of furniture design continued in ancient Greece. That time multi purpose couches were used for eating, relaxing and sleeping. The furniture of Middle Ages was usually ornamented, oak and heavy.

Furniture design expanded during the Italian Renaissance of the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The seventeenth century, in both Southern and Northern Europe, was characterized by opulent, often gilded Baroque designs. The nineteenth century is usually defined by revival styles. The first three-quarters of the twentieth century is often seen as the march towards Modernism. One unique outgrowth of post-modern furniture design is a return to natural shapes and textures.

Types of Furniture-

Furniture objects such as a bed, desks, dresser, tables, chairs or cupboards are kept in house or building to make it suitable or comfortable for the living are working in. Main Furniture objects are:

1- Seating Chair

  • Single seat
  • Multiple Seats

2- Sleeping or lying

  • Bed
  • Daybed

3- Entertainment

4- Tables

5- Storage

6- Sets

Types of Material Used To Make Furniture-

Whenever you buy a furniture object for home or office, you will come to know that there are various materials to make furniture. These materials include different types of wood, different colored metals, plastic, glass, and acrylic.

So, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these materials before buying any furniture object. By this way, you would get a furniture object that best fits with you.

Wood Type-

1- Ash

Ash is most common and well-known hardwood. Ash in light texture allows furniture to be bent and can be very flexible whilst holding its position if required. This wood is hard to be damaged or broke. That’s why; Ash comes in as one of the most durable wood types. It also has a soft-to-touch surface so can be wiped clean with no problem.

2- Beech

Beech wood is strong, hard, light-colored and heavy building material. It is used to craft a whole host of sturdy furnitures such as dining tables and beds. It has very good shock resistance. Therefore, it will take a lot to damage furniture crafted with this wood especially as placing heavy weight upon it. Beech is the most common type of wood for choice manufacturers as it is easy to come about than some of the other woods.

3- Cherry

Cherry is built-to-last wood material. It is mostly seen used on antique furniture; such as carved chairs and Shaker-style tables and cabinets comes in a lush reddish brown natural tone and can be easily shaped. Cherry is most expensive than other types of wood. It is “rare” than its counterparts. This wood is also likely to see color change as it grows older. The color of the wood is said to be darker.

4- Mahogany

It is a well-known popular premium expensive hardwood material. Mahogany comes in a dark brown-red tint. This wood is not that much expensive and readily available. Therefore, the furniture made up of such type of wood doesn’t cost much. Mahogany type of wood is prone to showing dust and debris easily. Hence, the use of such wood requires adequate cleaning.

5- Maple

Maple is a creamy-colored hardwood. This material is heavy and durable. Due to moisture resistance, maple wood can withstand years of wear and tear- not falling to stain of many different variants. This wood is also normally glossed to give off a decorative feel, with its natural swirls and twists proving to be a beauty. This wood also does well with wood-staining, being known to mimic the pricey and popular cherry or mahogany.

6- Oak

Oak wood is one of the most popular types of wood. It is currently used in furniture manufacturing. This grainy, light blonde tint coloring wood is normally covered in many marks, shapes, and lines. When used in furniture, this wood is hard wearing and heavy and can be cut easily. With this wood type, the grain effect can be more prominent on some oak over the oak of others.

7- Pine

This light yellowish and white brown wood is extremely cheap and light weight. Unlike others, this wood can be easily painted upon. Pine is regularly used for construction purposes like flooring. This wood type ages well and does not see shrinking, swelling or discoloration effects take place to it however it is, unfortunately, less durable than maple or oak.

8- Walnut

This chocolate-brown colored wood material, which can differentiate from light to dark chocolate brown, is known for being on the top picks for the likes of crafting dining tables and mantels. Walnut is a strong wood, but in the same light – a costly wood, thanks to its stability and exquisite designs.

Metal Furniture

It is one of the more durable materials. A good metal will never show any sign of deterioration against day-to-day wear and tear except if left under heavy pressure or somewhere that allows it to rust. Metal is much harder than its wood counterparts. It is one of the few materials that are flame resistant, making it safer material to work with in your home. Metal is also a very common material, ensuring any metal furniture pricing doesn’t involve any hike.

Glass Material

Glass can sometimes feel like an irresistible choice when confronted with a gorgeous glass dining table or coffee table. There are three different types of glass used for furniture. The glass can just as regular glass (quite fragile, not recommended for heavy usage), annealed or tempered (the most durable of the three).

Rustic Furniture- Rustic Home Decor-

rustic furniture

Rustic furniture is that type of furniture which has logs, sticks and other things to make it look natural. Many companies manufacture a variety of rustic furniture by using the historical and existing things. The furniture of rustic style using more recycled and reclaimed material has a higher demand and it is also becoming popular. It is made up of mainly the branches, barks, roots or conifer plants and trees.

Rustic Furniture History-

The development of rustic furniture started in 18’s. This furniture was made out of whatever the natural material which is provided in a large amount is available. It is also used by poor people for trading and earning a living.  This style is linked with the hardships faced by America Moreover the history of this furniture is also connected to the camps built by wealthy Americans. The Adirondack chair is one of the most famous chairs of this style.

The personality of the manufacturer is reflected through the various styles such as chip carving, milk paint and last but not the least gold and silver brushwork. These were some of the designs manufacturers add in the production of the rustic furniture. Different types of woods were used such as willow, hickory, and many others are used in their production.

Different types of this rustic furniture and Wicker Patio and Resin Wicker may be found in the museum. The Adirondack chair is found near the blue mountain river in New York.

Modern Furniture-

Modern furniture is the one from the 19th century and onward. These furnitures are good polishes and the wood used in their manufacturing is mostly the best and the premium quality. There are various designs and different styles in this furniture. Some of them are engraved with stones others use fabric material too.

Modern furniture is made with mechanical hands and not made by a craftsman. Specially designed machines are used in their production. Benefits of this modern furniture are that they don’t use much time in productions as the work is automated.

Modern Furniture Styles-

  • Rustic Furniture Style

There are different styles of this furniture. These rustic style furnitures possess the contrasting textures and beauty of nature.

  • Bentwood Style

In this style, sticks are fresh and steamed to supply. Then they are bent and shaped into different variations.

  • Twig Wood

These are wood with straight or forked style usually assembled into structures. These two styles of furniture are often joined together to make other styles too. Untreated logs are often traded as rustic material. Furniture is a polished piece of wood in general.

  • Antique Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture which is antique can be divided into two categories. One is made by a single craftsman and the other which is made by brands or companies. Craftsman made furniture has a good quality whereas the company made furniture can be a little faulty or not made with extra supervision such as the craftsman made furniture.

In the older time it wasn’t that much popular but with the growing demand of these handmade rustic style, furniture caused companies to start. Despite other things, nature was the only thing that made these furniture styles popular. Nature is loved by every single human on earth.

Furthermore, this rustic furniture is so common these days that you can easily find them at any coffee shop or restaurants.


rustic furniture

Rustic wood furniture is a type of classy furniture made by hand to add loftiness to your home. The furniture is best known for its reliability, long-term usage, and the rustic wood. Rustic wood furniture doesn’t mean unpolished furniture because it is created artistically to promote harmony between natural elements and polished or more ornate components. The term rustic furniture indicates to the furniture manufactured using this style.

Generally, natural wood is used to make rustic furniture. The most common types used to pull out rustic look are aspen, maple, oak, and pine. Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar are commonly used for fencing and paneling too.

To keep rustic wood furniture shiny, regular maintenance is necessary. Sanding along the grain using a paper with fine grit can be done from time to time to remove old wax and the new one. If the wood ever gets dented, you can try pouring hot water over the dent and then dry up the water with a soft cloth. It usually flattens the dent back out.

  • Aspen

Aspen is another wood type which creates beautiful rustic furniture and is popular for its soft white color. This wood is normally used to create wine racks, mirror frames, candle holders, picture frames and to act as a secondary wood in larger furniture pieces. It is soft wood, so it’s not as durable as some of the harder woods, but its color and beauty are undeniable.

  • Pine

Pine is one of the 1st softwoods used for rustic furniture. So, it requires some extra care to keep it looking original for a lifetime. If you choose pine, make sure that you keep such furniture objects away from heat sources or direct sunlight. Be careful as when pine is exposed to heat it can crack. For example, for pine dining tables you’ll need to make sure placing mats before serving hot foods.

An object of rustic furniture made from pine can add can add an exquisite charm to your home that you can’t get from other types of wood. Pine not only has that dark wood type of look and feel, but it also has that pine scent that you can never find in other woods.

  • Northern White Cedar

This wood is grown in the northeastern part of the United States and Southern Canada. It is very light wood with a creamy white color that naturally weathers to a silvery gray without proper maintenance. It has a beautiful aroma and is often used to construct a bedroom, living and dining room furniture. The best thing about this wood is it resists infestations from insects and decay.

  • Rustic Oak Furniture

If you’re looking to add natural warmth and comfort to your home and love the look of oak, you’ll definitely pick rustic oak furniture. Every piece of oak that is used has its own definition of lines, knots, twists, and turns. Two pieces of furniture are never same in such type of furniture. This type of oak furniture is natural and brings out the best of the wood every time.

Oak has an appealing warm look for its unique appearance. It works perfectly in every room including the office. Oak is a highly durable wood and can withstand a lot of bumps and bruises without getting any damage. It ages well over time and through the years can develop its own special character. There aren’t too many other wood types that can compare with the strength and versatility found in oak. Rustic furniture made with oak brings beauty and versatility into any setting.

  • Western Red Cedar

This wood has a wonderful red color and is perfect for making rustic furniture. It is often used for Adirondack chairs and some other garden and patio furniture. Of all the softwoods, this cedar will last the longest and effectively adds the most rustic red charm flavoring to furniture.

  • Why Rustic Furniture

Selecting rustic furniture totally depends on your own personal style preferences. Remember that wood deformities can actually be enhancing the appearance of the furniture piece and can give it character. With rustic wood furniture, you don’t need to find something that is perfect and looks like it has been manufactured in a factory. You want something that looks original for decades and lasts for many years.

The beauty of rustic wood furniture is something that will never go out of style for years. It can easily fit each type of decor. With rustic wood furniture, you can create a country style of home that is warm and inviting for both family and friends.

Choosing a Rustic Furniture Store

Let the buyer beware there is a wide variety of customer service between rustic furniture stores. If you are looking to buy on line, look for a store where quality furniture and customer service are both top priorities. I have seen rustic furniture manufacturers and stores that always deliver late, and I have seen some who deliver on-time with shoddy quality.

Look for testimonials on the site you are considering. Then Call and talk to a salesman at the rustic furniture store. A word to the wise rustic furniture websites that merely drop ship log furniture has a lot less control over quality than those who built, finish and/or ship the furniture themselves.

The ideal online rustic furniture store has many repeat customers who not only purchase again from their store but recommend them to others. Quality stores are interested in more than a quick sale. They understand the value of delivering top quality rustic furniture, moreover the furniture that will last a lifetime and add a truly rustic touch to your home.

There really isn’t a huge amount of published information about furniture types and rustic furniture.  A Google search will turn up thousands of websites where people sell goods or illustrate rustic arts, but in-depth articles are few and far between.

Here you will find this article interesting and about all aspects of rustic furniture. Share your thoughts about rustic furniture in the comment section given below.

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